Dipped Soft Serve Cone

Brighten Up Your Menu With Dipped and Topped Soft Serve Cones!

Ice cream cones are by far one of America’s favorite desserts. Nothing screams delicious more than an ice cream cone dipped in a rich, crunchy, chocolatey coating, or a covered in sugary sprinkles! There are countless topping options available when it comes to soft serve cones, such as Heath Bar, Oreos, Snickers, and Gummy Bears just to name a few.  With the high quality of a Taylor Freezer commercial soft serve machine, you will be ready and able to serve your customers a wide variety of dipped and topped cones, while adding profit to your business. 

How Can I Add Delicious Dipped and Topped Cones to My Menu?

Our profit center consultants have extensive knowledge of the Taylor line of products and can advise you on the best way to add soft serve cones to your menu. Contact your North Carolina or Virginia Taylor consultant here.

Soft Serve Machines From Taylor Freezer

Below are some of our most popular Taylor soft serve machines that will make adding a variety of ice cream cones to your menu effortless. With several models to choose from, there is surely one to fit your needs. With the high quality of a Taylor soft serve machine, you will be ready and able to deliver this delicious classic treat your customers will love.

Cone With Sprinkles

Where Can I Find Ice Cream Cones with Toppings Near Me in Virginia and North Carolina?

If you’re in the mood for a delicious ice cream treat made with a Taylor Freezer soft serve machine near you in our Virginia and North Carolina territories, visit one of our Taylor Freezer customers below for a taste of this classic dessert.