Pumpkin Milkshake

Add Classic Fall Flavor To Your Menu With Pumpkin Milkshakes!

Keep your customers asking for more by adding this delicious, and nostalgic Fall treat to your menu. Offering pumpkin milkshakes as a menu item will help to usher in the comforts of fall. With the ability to serve pumpkin shakes both traditionally and/or alcoholic, they are a perfect addition to any menu. 

How Can I Add Pumpkin Milkshakes to My Menu?

Our profit center consultants have extensive knowledge of the Taylor line of products and can advise you on the best way to add Pumpkin Shakes or any flavor milkshake like strawberry, chocolate, etc. to your menu. Contact your North Carolina or Virginia Taylor consultant here.

Milk Shake Machines From Taylor Freezer

Below are some of our most popular Taylor milkshake machines that will give your business the ability to offer all the flavor varieties of milkshakes you can think of, including pumpkin! With the high quality of a Taylor shake machine, you will be ready and able to deliver this delicious frozen treat your customers will love.

Model 428 – Flavor Burst Shake Freezer Single Flavor

Model 0441 – Shake Freezer Single Flavor

Model 0432 – Frozen Uncarbonated Beverage Freezer Two Flavors

Where Can I Find Pumpkin Milkshakes Near Me In Virginia And North Carolina?

Cook Out 772  – Southeast regional chain