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Make Your Menu Stand Out With Flavor

A Flavor Burst soft serve system transforms your soft serve into fun, colorful and flavorful treats everyone will love.  All of the delicious soft-serve-striping syrups are carefully formulated to provide intense quality flavor, and they’re gluten-free!

What Products Can Be Enhanced With Flavor Burst?

Soft Serve Ice Cream

Take your soft serve to the next level by injecting concentrated flavorings throughout ice cream cones or cups. With a compatible soft serve freezer, you can add 8 or more Flavor Burst flavors to your current offerings. Not only will your products taste delicious, but they will look amazing too!

Milk Shakes

Wow your customers with 8 or more flavors of milkshakes from a single shake mix with no additional blending needed!

Frozen Carbonated Beverages

Take your FCB menu from 2 flavors of slush to 10 with a Flavor Burst slush machine. There will be something for everyone with all of the flavors available to choose from.

What Flavors Are Available?

From chocolate, strawberry, and raspberry, to bubble gum, and blue goo and everything in between, there is a Flavor Burst flavor for every taste. Multiple flavors are available to enhance your soft serve, milkshakes, and frozen carbonated beverages.

View Our Full List Of Flavors

How Can I Add Flavor Burst to My Menu?

Our profit center consultants have extensive knowledge of the Taylor line of products and can advise you on the best way to add Flavor Burst to your menu. Contact your North Carolina or Virgina Taylor consultant here.

Chicken Sandwich Menu Item
Chicken Sandwich Menu Item