Frozen Piña Coladas are the perfect drink to send your customers to a tropical paradise with just one sip, and they will love you for it! A Frozen Piña Colada is a versatile drink that can appeal to a wide range of customers, including those looking for non alcoholic versions. They are easy and cost-effective to make with a Taylor machine, which is perfect for a busy bar or restaurant with high-volume orders.

Highly Customizable

Frozen Piña Coladas are easy to customize and make your own. You can get creative with different fruit flavors or extra shots of rum to upsell to customers. The presentation can be as fun and creative as you want it to be – mini umbrellas, fruit skewers, and toasted coconut flakes are just a few ideas.

How Can I Add Frozen Piña Coladas to My Menu?

Our profit center consultants have extensive knowledge of the Taylor line of products and can advise you on the best way to add alcoholic and/or non-alcoholic slushies, like Frozen Piña Coladas to your menu. Contact your North Carolina or Virginia Taylor consultant to get started!

Frozen Piña Colada Slush Machines From Taylor Freezer

Below are some of our most popular Taylor slush machines that will make adding Frozen Piña Coladas and other frozen beverages to your menu effortless. With other models to choose from, there is surely one to fit your needs. With the high quality of a Taylor slush machine, you will be ready and able to deliver this delicious frozen treat your customers will love.

Where Can I Find Frozen Cocktails in Virginia and North Carolina?