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Cool Chiller Is An attractive, Taylor Exclusive Branded Program with Point of Purchase
Serve Traditional and Adult Desserts
Easy to Operate with High Profit Margins

cool chiller soft serve machine

Soft Serve

cool chiller treats soft serve machine

Blended Treats

cool chiller soft serve machine


Cool Chiller Soft Serve and Shakes

We offer a premium shelf stable product that is lactose free! Available in vanilla and chocolate that you mix with water or mix with other liquids to develop a unique signature flavor such as Mocha Cappuccino, Orange Dreamsicle, Cheerwine or Lemonade, just to name a few. Be sure to ask about our recipes!

cool chiller soft serve machine

Frozen Carbonated Beverage

cool chiller soft serve machine

Point of Purchase

Frozen Carbonated Slush

Currently we offer 14 great flavors to choose from with unique flavors like: Cola, Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, Citrus Mist, Red Mountain, Lemonade, Strawberry, Rocket Fuel, Sour Patches, Tiger’s Blood, Mango, Pina Colada, Grape and neutral. This is a high overrun, high profit margin product that cost less than a penny per ounce in finished product.

Cool Chiller Rental Program

Select models available on rental program. Service program included on all rentals.
Ask about our special financing options!

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Cool Chiller FCB Slush – 9 Flavors

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