Demo Truck


Why not Schedule our Demo Truck to conduct a LIVE DEMO in YOUR PARKING LOT?

Benefits of Scheduling a LIVE DEMO:

  • Excellent way to get your customer’s feedback on products served
  • Get hands on experience with the equipment
  • Fun and Exciting for your Customers to get Free Food or Ice Cream

Demo Truck

This is a great opportunity for your business to test these concepts:

9 Flavor FlavorBurst Soft Serve Ice Cream

9 Flavor FlavorBurst Layered Milk Shake

9 Flavor FlavorBurst Nice Ice Slush

9 Flavor FlavorBurst Java Latte Frozen Coffee

9 Flavor FlavorBurst Direct Draw Smoothie

Frozen Cocktails

Genuine Broaster Chicken cooked in a Broaster Pressure Fryer

Broaster Express Chicken cooked in a Ventless/Hoodless Fryer

Taylor Two Sided Grills

> Cook Hamburgers in 58 Seconds!
> Cook Sheet Bacon in 118 Seconds!
> Cook anything a flat grill will cook only 60% FASTER, SAFER and SMARTER

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