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Frozen Craft Beer & Cocktails!

The Zamboozy adult slushie freezer allows custom adult frozen beverages to be added to your menu your customers will rave about. With delicious beer slushies and custom frozen cocktails, a Zamboozy machine from Taylor Freezer will keep them coming back for more. 

What is Zamboozy?

A Zamboozy is the only machine available that is able to pull product straight from a keg or canister, allowing you to easily serve customers both beer slushies and frozen cocktails out of a single machine. 

The Taylor Zamboozy model C300FAB frozen beverage dispenser helps operators:

  • Create awesome limited-time-only beer slushies and frozen cocktails
  • Drinks that have just the right consistency and effervescence
  • Rapid recovery to keep up with your busiest times
  • Easy branding with backlit display

Zamboozy machines produce products with high profit margins, are easy to operate and maintain, and have cleaning contracts available as well!

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Frozen Beer

Create Buzz Worthy Menu Items

Stand out from the competition with creative adult slushie offerings. The options are endless when it comes to elevating your frozen drink menu with a Zamboozy machine.

Your frozen drink menu can include:

Changing things up seasonally will keep your menu fresh and exciting.

Suffolk Punch Brewing is located at 2911 Griffith St.Charlotte, NC 28203

How Can I Add Zamboozy Adult Frozen Drinks to My Menu?

Our profit center consultants have extensive knowledge of the Taylor line of products and can advise you on the best way to add Zamboozy Machine adult slushies to your menu. For help in North Carolina or Virginia contact Taylor consultant Justin Mitchell.

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