Creating a safer, germ free food service environment will continue to be critical to boost customer confidence in visiting your business for the foreseeable future. Since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, air purification is on the minds of everyday people like never before. 

Providing your customers delicious menu items that they will continue to enjoy is no longer enough to have them patronize your business. They need to know when they enter your establishment they can literally breathe freely without the worry of inhaling airborne viruses. Bluezone air purification systems, brought to you by Taylor Freezer, can provide that peace of mind. 

Combat Viruses With Viral Kill UV Air Purification

Our Viral Kill UV air purification units allow restaurants and other foodservice operations to remove potentially infectious airborne elements from the air, and they don’t require a filter to do it! Instead, potentially contaminated air is pulled into a reaction chamber and scrubbed by a patented ultraviolet germicidal light process that destroys the RNA of the virus, destroying its ability to reproduce. 

Bluzone Technology is the Future in Battling CoronaVirus and other Airborne Viruses

The FDA, the DHS, and the CDC have all recommended using UV technology to significantly limit the transmission of airborne viruses, especially COVID-19. Bluezone is a leader in UV air purification, and creating safer indoor food establishments. You customers can feel safe knowing you use Bluezone. 

Is a Bluezone Air Purifier Easy To Maintain?

Yes! You can forget about the hassle of changing dirty air filters every few weeks. With Bluezone technology you’ll only have to change out the bulbs roughly once per year, and it only takes about 15 minutes. The unit will let you know when a bulb change is needed. There is no more worrying, and no more guessing when it’s time to change a filter.

How Can I Add Bluezone Protection To My Business in North Carolina Or Virginia?

If you operate a food service establishment in North Carolina or Virginia and want to give peace of mind, and confidence to your customers with Bluezone, contact one of our knowledgeable Taylor Freezer representatives today!