Rodney Van Treeck Taylor Freezer NC & Virginia Territories

Rodney Van Treeck

Taylor Freezer Profit Center Consultant

Direct Line: 757-334-1771  | | LinkedIn

Rodney’s Taylor Freezer Sales Virginia Territories Include:

  • Harrisonburg
  • Charlottesville
  • Richmond
  • Petersburg
  • Newport News
  • Norfolk
  • Virginia Beach

Rodney Van Treeck’s Taylor Freezer Sales North Carolina Territories Include:

  • Nag’s Head, NC
Taylor Freezer Virginia Territories & NC Territories

About Rodney Van Treeck

Rodney van Treeck has been in the Food Service Business since 1988. After graduating from the University of Cincinnati with a Business Management degree, Rodney opened up a Convenient Food Mart, a national franchise operation with 1200 units. At age 23 he was the youngest franchisee in Convenient Food Mart history. Rodney developed a Full Service Deli in his store as the center piece of his operation realizing that Food Service offered the highest profit potential and dramatically increased the Value of his operation. An integral part of the Deli Profit Center was the hot chicken program and the Specialized Food Service Programs Taylor Freezer offered with the Taylor Soft Serve Program, The FlavorBurst Program and the Taylor Frozen Carbonated Beverage Program.

After 18 years of ownership Rodney sold the business to spend more time with his family. In 2006 Rodney was offered a Territory with Taylor Freezer. He quickly realized that he could offer his years of expertise in the Specialized Food Service Programs Taylor Freezer offered and help other business owners realize their full Cash Flow and Profit potential. Having the extensive business ownership experience gives Rodney the “owners perspective” when it comes to adding a profit center to your business.

Rodney is eager to share his years of expertise in developing a Profit Center that will increase the Value of your business by creating more Cash Flow and bottom line Profits.

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Rodney’s Favorite Product – Frozen Custard

My favorite product is Frozen Custard. Frozen Custard is a rich and delicious frozen “ice cream” with a certain percentage of butter fat and egg yolk. The result is a dense, rich and flavorful frozen dessert. This product can be dispensed out of a soft serve machine, or better yet, a continuous Batch Freezer. The whole point of offering Frozen Custard is to gain a reputation in your market for having THE BEST. Once you can solidify that reputation, your business has a much better opportunity to thrive for years to come. Now, just to kick it up a notch, my favorite piece of equipment for frozen custard coming out of a soft serve machine would be the Flavor Burst Flavor Injection System. This wonderful add-on will turn your single flavor machine into a 9 flavor machine all at the touch of a button. This is my favorite because it is extremely impulsive and gives your customer choices. Choices drive traffic and volume, which ultimately translate into more profit and success. I personally owned a Flavor Burst machine in my business operation for 14 or 15 years and I was astounded at how much that add-on concept improved my bottom line. Simply amazing.

Rodney’s Taylor Freezer Sales Virginia Territories:

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach is where vacations happen! Virginia Beach has wide open beaches, family friendly atmosphere, a board walk, and a rich history.  They also have a thriving restaurant industry which Taylor Freezer Sales Company has been apart of since 1943.  What could be better than to offer Frozen Custard with FlavorBurst out of a Taylor Soft Serve Machine?  Nothing says Americana more than a family walking down Atlantic Ave or the Boardwalk enjoying Frozen Soft Serve.

Newport News / Hampton / Yorktown / Williamsburg, Virginia

This is where it all started. America has deep roots in this region. From the Jamestown/Williamsburg/Yorktown colonial history to a remarkably beautiful campus at Christopher Newport University in Newport News, to the NASA/Langley Research Center in Hampton, this area offers residents a great place to live and work. Taylor has been serving restaurant owners who desire the stability of a neighborhood restaurant or convenient store. There are huge opportunities for the right business owner to get established in this area and offer classic American Foods like Broaster Genuine Chicken, Cheeseburgers cooked on a Taylor 2 Sided Grill, or homemade BBQ smoked in a Smokaroma Pressure Smoker. Taylor is also happy to be part of the Mexican Restaurant industry. Taylor supplies many Mexican restaurants with those most tasty frozen margaritas. DELISH!

Williamsburg has long been a Foodie favorite. One of Williamsburg’s most famous chefs is award winning and cookbook author Marcel Desauliner. Marcel started the now famous Trellis Restaurant and Mad About Chocolate. Taylor has worked with Marcel to make sure he had the right specialty equipment for his operation. Taylor has also had long time relationships with Colonial Williamsburg and Busch Gardens to make sure they are serving a profitable soft serve from a reliable Taylor soft serve machine. Whatever your food service operation specializes in, Taylor Freezer Sales Company has a piece of specialty restaurant equipment that will make your business more profitable.

Norfolk, Virginia

Norfolk is quickly growing into a modern urban metropolis, and with this growth is the need for restaurants. Taylor Freezer is proud to call many restaurants in Norfolk our customers. One customer who has been there even before Taylor was in the area is Doumar’s Cones and BBQ. Doumar’s- a car hop style drive in- has been serving homemade waffle cones since they invented them in 1904! Talk about a classic! A definite must try is the Orange Freeze Milk Shake.

Outer Banks, Virginia

johns drive in patioMillions and Millions and Millions. That is how many people visit OBX every year and for good reason. OBX has a unique vacation culture, mostly centered around the beach house atmosphere. This means a family-oriented vacation culture and stays for a week at a time….mixed in with plenty of locals. Taylor is happy to be there for the local food service operators like H20bx Water Park, Donutz on a Stick, Mulligan’s Grille and the iconic John’s Drive In just to name a few. Since they opened the doors in 1977, John’s Drive In has been serving their famous Fried Dolphin Boat and Milk Shakes and using Taylor to produce hundreds of Milk Shakes every single day. John’s Motto, “Totally Fried and Still Shakin after 40 years”

Small Towns across Virginia and North Carolina

Small Towns across Virginia and North Carolina: I love small towns. Small towns are the heart of America. Small towns to me spells opportunity for the food service operator. Many times, people wonder how they make it, yet the good places have been there for decades and decades. Once you create your niche in your small town, and if you are a good operator with a quality product, locals will drive for miles and miles to patronize your business. Some of our customers have been going strong for over 40 or 50 years- Dillwyn Dairy Freeze, Callao Dairy Freeze, Stanley’s Dairy Freeze in Montross…. Hmmm, do we detect a pattern here? Everyone loves ice cream! These owners love Taylor Soft Serve Machines. Must be something to it!

Harrisonburg, Virginia

Home of James Madison University nestled in the Shenandoah Valley at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Taylor is a proud supplier of soft serve ice cream machines and Batch Ice Cream machines for JMU. Hey, want to keep the young adults happy and smart…..serve them ice cream!  If in the area, check out Kline’s Dairy Bar…..they’ve been serving “happiness” in Harrisonburg since 1943….oddly enough the same year Taylor Freezer Sales Company started business in Virginia. We have both been going strong for over 75 years. Here’s to another 75 years!

Charlottesville, Virginia

What can you say about a town that is home of the brilliant Thomas Jefferson? Jefferson not only authored our Declaration of Independence, was the third President of the United States, Founded the University of Virginia, but he also has another historic accomplishment that many do not know. He holds one of the first recorded recipes of an American for Ice Cream! Remember….no electricity back then, yet Jefferson would not let that get in his way of producing this wonderful concoction of frozen cream, eggs, and sugar. Now there’s a tidbit you can use!!

If in the Charlottesville area, stop by D’s Market in Barboursville. They are serving the All American Classic Genuine Broaster Chicken. Taylor is the local distributor for the Broaster Pressure Fryer… chicken on the planet.

Richmond, Virginia

One of the fastest growing “Foodie Towns” in America. Richmond is home to so many local restaurants that are breaking the mold of the traditional. Taylor is happy to be part of the team at local hot spots like Island Shrimp Company, The Boathouse, Jimer’s Frozen Custard and Sergio’s. We are also proud that mega amusement park Kings Dominion trusts Taylor for their Soft Serve Machine needs as well as their Two-Sided Grill needs. The two-sided grill sure does make life easier!